Picking the correct free video player is halfway about the highlights it offers and incompletely about how it feels to utilize, and both are somewhat emotional. The correct decision will contrast from individual to individual. Luckily, there are bunches of extraordinary free video players for Windows.

The Built-in Option: Movies and TV

How about we begin with the simple one. The Movies and TV application that accompanies Windows 10 is a proficient, if to some degree dull, video player. It's not especially beautiful. It has better than average, yet not wide-going, bolster for various video groups. What's more, it doesn't bolster many propelled highlights.

It works well, in any case, and on the off chance that you have Windows 10, you've just got the Movies and TV application worked in.

There is one zone where it sparkles, however. Since it's all around coordinated into Windows 10, the Movies and TV application will in general be a lot gentler on battery life than outsider video players. In our testing, Movies and TV gave us about half more battery life than any of the other video players on our rundown.

It merits looking at to check whether suits your requirements previously downloading something different. All things considered, continue perusing for our top choice, free outsider video players.

The Most Versatile Choice: VLC Player

vlc sans player video-player-windows

Unmistakably, VLC Player is a standout amongst the most famous and adaptable video players out there. It's free, open-source, and accessible for Windows as well as pretty much every other stage possible.

VLC bolsters all video designs, and the most recent form (3.03 as of this composition) additionally has bolster for 8K video, 360 recordings, and HDR. VLC additionally bolsters sound and video channels, caption bolster, sound match up, and a group of different highlights. Simply the caption highlight alone is most likely preferable in VLC over pretty much whatever else we've utilized.

You can utilize VLC player to play privately put away recordings, DVDs, Blu-Rays, and even system streams. You can likewise tweak the interface and include new highlights with the wide assortment of modules accessible.

On the off chance that you like a video player that you can utilize appropriate out of the crate, at that point VLC player is your most logical option.

An Attractive Alternative: Pot Player

pot sans player video-player-windows

Pot Player is a commendable contender to VLC player for its element list as well as its UI. Truth be told, we'd state that Pot Player's interface is a couple of ventures in front of VLC.

You'll see the distinction the minute you open any video. Pot Player consequently recognizes the various records in the registry and makes an impermanent playlist, which is ideal for marathon watching shows or instructional exercises. Other little interface highlights like having the capacity to delay by double tapping and look for utilizing bolt keys make Pot Player an enjoyment to utilize.

On the highlights front, Pot Player likewise underpins all cutting edge record positions, and with ordinary updates, new arrangements gain bolster rapidly. You additionally get an assortment of video controls to deal with your video and sound playback.

The main negative thing about Pot Player is that some document positions don't play back as forcefully as they do on different players, and some high piece rate recordings may demonstrate some slack. Aside from these issued, Pot Player is the most easy to use video player on the rundown.

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